Choose a Potted & Planted arrangement to best suit your individual space, from terrace to balcony, courtyard to street front. Or be bold and pair up your own eye-catching combinations, create a Japanese Pine Garden or a Mediterranean Olive Grove. Please get in touch if you would like us help you choose the best plants for your location. Pricing includes delivery and installation.

An unusual centrepiece, perfect for a coffee table. Very easy to grow and long-lived, giving years of pleasure.  These miniature gardens are a collaboration between Rupert Muldoon and ceramic artist Mirka Golden-Hann. The finest British ceramics, designed around the plant form. A bespoke service is also available, offering the design of site-specific pieces of ceramic art.


Indoors is the place for statement and architectural plants. Our indoor collection is intentionally varied, ranging from fine feathery leaves to the chunky fiddle leaved fig. All are chosen for their structure and rich foliage and will give you years of pleasure. A perfect addition to your home, especially if you don't have a balcony. Pricing includes delivery and installation.

Engage directly with the designer to create a Potted & Planted solution for any space. A £100 consultation fee is charged, which will be taken off any future purchase.